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 Save 30% fuel on any combustion engine by installing a Hydrogen on Demand kit. You get 30% more tax free miles out of the same tank of fuel with no major engine alterations while using only 1 cups of steam distilled water.

Hydrogen added to your fuel is the equivalent of adding soap to your wash water.

                    Does more good for your engine than harm.

Think about abrasive diamond cutting, Carbon is abrasive just like diamond and it is the carbon that kills engines. The HHO gas generated from hydrogen on demand is feed into the engines air intake to provide hydrogen and oxygen to burn all the carbon fuel within the combustion chamber of the engine at any temperature. 

The Triple E is from the 3 E's in my middle name and Senior Yvez.

It is in fact triple easy and here's how it works. The hydrogen cell contains our secret steel which will never corrode or tarnish which blocks the electrolysis bubbles from forming HHO gas. Youtube electrolysis and it will tell you to use stainless steel which will corrode very quickly and stop forming bubbles. The HHO gas is fed into the air intake and combined with the existing carbon fuel creates a better burn within the engines combustion chamber that all the carbon fuel is burned no matter the temperature of the engine. With no gases left in the exhaust there is no need for DEF. Water or H2O is mixed with PH13 antifreeze solution and when the engine starts the HHO bubbles start and only the water turns into gas leaving the PH13 anitfreeze more concentrated, then you dilute when you add more water. The Hydrogen is volatile and explosive when mixed with oxygen therefore its only produced when there is a demand with the engine running. There is also no pressure to the limited amount of live hydrogen gas available greatly reducing the risk of explosion associated with hydrogen under pressure. DO NOT COMPRESS HYDROGEN IT WILL KILL. So it does not freeze, There is no maintenance, Just add water and give it 15 amps and its triple easy to get 30% more miles out of the same tank of fuel with the vehicle you drive. Oh and its good for the environment.

The cells can be mounted anywhere you would like to fit them, If enclosed they do need a small exhaust fan to keep cool. I like to put them up front where a winch would go and we have a 3 cell system in a milk crate that can go in the box of a pickup truck. For SEMI trucks its a 4ft long cell mounted to the back of the cab.

This product is not for everyone and the people who can benefit the most are the ones buying and burning the most fuel and that cost is always passed onto the consumer.      What is 30% of your daily fuel consumption?

Are you willing to pay more to receive your goods carbon free?     

Take a deep breath of air and think about how much diesel was burned picking up your recycling.

This is the only product available that helps both the economy and the environment and its available now.

I have a hard time affording the vehicle I have now never mind purchasing a new electric and storing indoors.

What do you think the price of shipping will come to with electric transport trucks.

If you need a second opinion call Scott Noel at Santech Diesel Performance in St.Paul 780-646-6121.

He fully understands the benefits to the engine and would be happy to perform installs at $100 per hour and can build any type of bracket you'd like.

Flex a Little Peace, Love, & Joy Everyday


Monster hydrogen cell for semi truck

Hydrogen on Demand Install

- Mount the hydrogen cells, water/vapour trap and filter and plumb to air intake with 3/8 poly tube and john guess fittings

- Wire in controller and VSR from battery

- Fill Hydrogen cell with steam distilled water and check level at every fuel up.

- Reset the computers ECU by leaving both batteries disconnected for 10 mins and pumping the brake to kill vampire voltage. this Colt alt deletes the engines computer and you will have to reset your clock.

- Blow back into the 3/8 polytube to ensure there are no leaks in the system.

- Start your engine and save 30% fuel.

- Change your oil after 1 week of use since it will be full of the built up engine carbon that the hydrogen cleaned out.

- Use synthetic oil, its better for your engine.

- Compare the smell of your neighbors exhaust to yours.


Norm Kapicki, Andrew Alberta
1 monster cell kit installed on a tri drive logging truck hauling 65,000 kgs of logs out of the bush. Cat C15, 18 speed. Saves 2 gears on hills. 1 load would take half tank and now with the hyrodgen cell 1 load takes a quarter tank of fuel. This truck never shuts off and iddles between day shift and night shift and now there is no more smokey diesel haze in the air.

Big Rig Semi Truck 4 ft hydrogen cell mounted behind cab


Gary Shirley, Bonnyville, Alberta

These 3 cell kits for typical pickup trucks works great in the truck box and provide plenty of hydrogen to save 30% fuel and stops the neighbours from complaining about diesel fumes when warming up the truck. 

Typical 3 cell system for powerstroke or duramax pickup truck.


Eric Champagne, St. Albert

2 months package delivery driving and saving 30% fuel, Never had an issue with it on the front bumper even at -35 deg C driving all week.

2 cell system for most SUV's and Minivan

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